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Television watching is not dying out -- it is evolving and marketers should tap the technology available to reach new audience segments more effectively.

With offensive events going viral, brands have to enable employees through knowledge to always have the brand's values at the forefront.

Brands need a refresh every three years, or sooner, to keep up with changing technologies and consumer preferences.

Connecting with an audience through live events is effective but takes the right teams, technology and targeting to succeed.

Playable ads are the next big thing for gaming, but are they ready for marketing primetime?

Artificial intelligence can make brand campaigns better and more effective.

With a lower price point than major, Walmart's approach to streaming content looks to target rural consumers - but is the strategy a winning one?

The power of infographics

Why infographics should be part of your content-marketing strategy—and how to do them right.

Advertisers, consumers and data: Finding the balance in an era of customization
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It's imperative that marketers understand how to reach consumers -- and where and when.

With cheaper goods and a large bankroll to get things started, leading Chinese e-commerce sites Alibaba and could make a splash in America and give giants like Amazon stiff competition.

User generated content has the power to lend an authentic voice to brand messaging -- but marketers must learn how to cut through the noise for effectiveness.

While there is no exact recipe for what will go viral online, there are some steps brands can take to improve their odds.

Four strategies for collecting and distributing customer video testimonials to boost the authenticity of your brand.

Addressable advertising and audience expectations
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In this interview, Altice executive Paul Haddad talks about what he thinks the future of addressable advertising has in store and where a4 fits in.

Brand can adapt to changing consumer shopping habits to bring them in stores -- or meet them where they are located.